Harihareshwar - Dakshin Kashi

At the mouth of a creek on the banks of river Savitri lies Harihareshwar, at one end of the triple Raigad beaches - Diveagar, Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar. Surrounded by four holy hills Harihar, Harshinachal, Bramhadri and Pushpadri, Harihareshwar has two beaches on either sides of Harihareshwar temple, the main attraction of Harihareshwar apart from the beautiful beach

Nestled at the southern most end of Raigad district on the Konkan coast on the banks of Savitri river, Harihareshwar is a secluded region with two beaches on either sides of the Harihareshwar temple. The beach at Harihareshwar typical of the beaches in this region has a thin layer of white sand covering the underlying fine black sand. Water sports also is now available at the Harihareshwar beach.

Harihareshwar temple Pradakshina

Holidays in Harihareshwar

Harihareshwar Beach

Harihareshwar lies at the southern end of Raigad beaches on the banks of Bagmandala creek which seperates Harihareshwar from Ratnagiri. Although the tourist season in Harihareshwar extends from Oct - May the best time to visit Harihareshwar is Nov-Feb during winters. Kal Bhairav Jayanti is a good time to visit temple. Monsoons is not a good time to visit Harihareshwar temple as it would not be recommended to do the pradakshina along the sea as the seas would be rough during monsoons.

Harihareshwar Temple Pradakshina - Harihareshwar

Harihareshwar temple complex is a prime attraction of Harihareshwar and a trip to Harihareshwar is not complete without a visit to the temple complex. The presiding deities in Harihareshwar temple are the Trimurti - Brahma, Visnu and Mahesh, along with Devi Parvati. It is customary to visit the Kal Bhairav temple before visiting any other shrine here. The Harihareshwar temple opens upto a long stretch of beach on its northern side. The pradakshina around the hill finishes up at the beach.

Harihareshwar Beach

There are two beaches in Harihareshwar, one towards the right side of the temple where the pradakshina trail ends and another beach which is towards the south of the hill on the other side. Both the beaches typical of northern Konkan beaches are pseudo white sand beaches. Harihareshwar beach has a thin layer of white sand covering the underlying fine black sand. Water sports is available at the Harihareshwar beach on the southern part of Harihareshwar beach

Planning a Holiday in Harihareshwar

Harihareshwar famed as the deghar or Dakshin kashi is a beautiful stretch of beach ideal for a short break from Mumbai or Pune. At just about 200 kilometers from Mumbai and a little lesser than that from Pune Harihareshwar is a perfect destination for a quick weekend break from the cities.

Harihareshwar owing to the Harhareshwar temple complex is predominantly known as a pilgrim centre however with couple of beautiful beaches and an exciting pradakshina which people attempt not only for relegious reasons, Harihareshwar is gragually emerging as a holiday destination than a pilgrim centre but the Harihareshwar temple still is a major sightseeing option.

The holiday destinations nearby like Shrivardgan, Diveagar, Himmatgad Kelshi and Anjarle has only increased the popularity oh Harhareshwar as a holiday destination. Suvarnadurga shipping which operates the ferry across the Bagmandala creek has increased the number of destinations one could visit during a holiday in Harihareshwar.

Suvarnadurga shipping operates the ferry across the Bagmandala creek opens up scores of sightseeing options near Harhareshwar. Velas a little known destination is famous for the turtle festival organised here commemorating the agg hatching of olive ridley turtle which is an endangered speceies of turtles.

Water Sports in Harihareshwar

Water sports in Harihareshwar is available near Harihareshwar MTDC resort and the Harihareshwar beach near the temple. Speed boats jet ski and kayaking etc is available near MTDC resort while some options are available near the Harihareshwar temple.

All the major water rides are available near the Harihareshwar MTDC resort. The different types of water sports that can be enjoyed here are row boats, water scooters, and motor boats. In addition to this the aero boats and the pedal boats along with kayaking which form a part of the water sports available at Harihareshwar.

Water Sports in Harihareshwar